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Roman Musatkin

Product Designer working in fields of edTech, Healthcare
& eCommerce. I lived in Moscow, San Francisco, Tokyo
and Tehran, and visited over 200 cities in 54 countries.

HelsinkiMarch 13
NovosibirskMarch 11–12
BishkekMarch 9–11
MoscowMarch 3–5
Saint PetersburgFebruary 1...March 3
RomeJanuary 28...February 1
MilanDecember 24...January 28
ParisDecember 21–24
VilniusDecember 18–21
Saint PetersburgDecember 8–18
TomskDecember 7–8

Working with Entangled Ventures, I designed for some innovative edTech startups and higher education institutions in the US.

I have founded Design Track, the first educational program on Product Design in Russia. Over the course of two years 92 events had been held with leading practitioners from all over Europe.

In Iran, I led design in an telecom startup called and now contribute as a Design Mentor at Avantech, the #1 Iranian startup-accelerator.

At the moment I’m working with Yandex & Polytechnic Museum Moscow, building a digital home for major federal museums in Russia.

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In 2013, I made it overland from Singapore to Shanghai
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